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RCDE El Espanyol

RCDE, a historic football club in Primera and Spanish football, being one of the ten entities that started the First League in history, and his was, moreover, his first goal.

Spanish Federation of Functional Fitness (SF3)

Together with more than 60 international iF3 federations worldwide and more than 80 federated Spanish Functional Fitness clubs, they mark the fitness revolution with a single goal: to bring this sport to its maximum splendour.

TMY Training Motocross

One of the leading motorcycling and training communities at national level, with international recognition in Latin America.

BROCAR ALE – Cycling team Benicadell Association

The cycling team that is the ambassador of speed, the architect of effort, the forger of victories in every race and the most acclaimed at regional level.

RIAS BAIXAS - Cycling team Benicadell Association

Second cycling team with the best qualification at national level certified by the Spanish cycling federation in the RANKING RUTA ELITE SUB23. Rias Baixas, the cycling team that, with passion, is accumulating success.

OCHOBAJOCERO - Ski/Snow community

The most popular and most successful snow travel agency in the country.


Informed Sport Trusted By Sport


ISOWHEY 100 is certified by Informed Sport, a testing and certification programme for sports nutrition supplements and products and supplement manufacturing facilities, designed to test products and ensure that they are not inadvertently contaminated with substances prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) in sport.

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