POWERGYM is a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience in the sports supplement and nutrition sector. Our experience, responsibility and professionalism, as well as our efficiency and quality of our sports supplements, mean that we are Spain’s most prestigious sports supplements company, with such important references as those of Sant Cugat’s C.A.R. and the footballer Carles Puyol, Spanish athletes Mayte Martinez and Jesus España, and first rate sporting institutions such as the Villareal Football Club and the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol (R.C.D. Espanyol Football Club). Our own Scientific – Technical Department designs, tests and develops the POWERGYM sports supplements and we do not depend on any multinationals, nor on any finished products from other countries. 


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We work with the aim of meeting your needs. Do you want to gain muscle mass with the help of sports supplements? Do you want to augment your strength and stamina? Do you want to shape your body? Do you want to augment your performance and improve your sports nutrition? We offer you quality sports supplements that work. THAT WORK!!!

If you have doubts about sports nutrition, on this site you will be able to find clear, truthful and practical information through our POWERBOOKS, our PRACTICAL GUIDES TO SPORTS NUTRITION, and our specialist magazine NUTRITION & SCIENCE. And, if you need more detailed explanations about a sports supplement, you can also consult the web’s more complete technical reports

The era of mediocre sports supplements has now ended. At POWERGYM, through scientific investigation, we formulate different sports supplements. We put all our effort into making sure that your expectations are exceeded when you take our sports supplements and that their effectiveness really is very high.

With this idea in mind, we have also created this site, which you will see contains a huge amount of information. We want to give you the how, why, when and how much for each sports supplement and this takes a lot of work, but this is the only way that we know to let you see that your objectives are met.

At POWERGYM our group of professionals work on sports supplements based on scientific investigation. For this reason our Scientific –Technical Department is constantly working on investigating new, natural supplements, always basing them on the premise that they should be effective.

If you visit the site, you will find real testimonies from athletes who trust POWERGYM supplementation and who obtained results.

We guarantee that every one of the POWERGYM sports supplements that we offer is conceived to help to gain improvements and we remain available to advise you on their use and effectiveness.



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