The CAR is a sports centre dedicated to high-performance sport, providing the highest scientific-technical quality to top-level sportsmen and federations.

It supports all areas of sport so that those involved will be competitive at an international level, optimising resources of the highest technical and scientific quality. To this end, it has the necessary means for the comprehensive training of sportsmen and women and ensures that society participates in the knowledge generated by its activities.

The CAR of Barcelona began its activities in 1987 after the selection of Barcelona as the Olympic host. It has modern sports facilities designed for cutting-edge training techniques and a modern physiology laboratory, as well as first-rate scientific equipment.

The CAR, has always been concerned with getting the maximum performance from its athletes. For this reason, before signing any agreement with any sports nutrition company, it first checks the scientific basis of the sports foods and supplements, as well as their effectiveness for professional athletes.

That is why, after passing this filter, it has been decided to sign an agreement through which POWERGYM has become a supplier of the CAR in terms of sports supplements and nutrition.

With this agreement, POWERGYM once again has proven to be one of the references for the highest quality, effectiveness and innovation in the Spanish sports supplements market.

CAR - Centro de Alto Rendimiento


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