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Our eating habits are becoming healthier every day, or at least that's what we can sense when we see gym rooms, swimming pools and even full registration quotas for popular sporting events. This also means that we are increasingly concerned about eating better and getting our sports nutrition right. Fifteen years ago it was rare to see someone doing sports on the street or worrying about their sports nutrition and now the rare thing is not to come across someone exercising in the city.

At that time, sports nutrition and taking  sports supplements  was a kind of well-kept secret of bodybuilders, elite athletes and a well-informed few ahead of their time. Luckily, today this has changed and most of us know that proper sports nutrition is an indispensable tool to improve our performance, recover well after training and, ultimately, take better care of our body when we do sport.

Improving sports nutrition is essential for any self-respecting athlete.

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Many people still think that the  sports supplements  used in sports nutrition are chemical compounds made in more or less clandestine laboratories with surprising and dangerous properties, when the reality is totally different, since the sports supplements  of serious and trusted brands are mostly made with natural substances and plant extracts that help to recover earlier, to withstand physical effort beter, avoid injury and to compensate for nutritional needs that are not always covered in our everyday diet. They are not synthetic compounds of secret formulas, but combinations of nutrients from their natural sources wichare easy to take.

If you know a little about sports nutrition and have ever taken a sports supplement, you will understand the benefits. If, on the other hand, you have not yet tried to include sports supplementation in your daily habits... What are you waiting for?

Improve your sports nutrition: It is not only a question of adding more years to your life but also of giving more life to your years and both purposes are fulfilled if you take advantage of high quality sport nutrition.

The fact is that the practice of sports, although beneficial to health, is a stress for our body that inevitably creates wear and tear. After a more or less intense exercise, our hormonal and vitamin levels fall. The metabolic processes of obtaining the energy we need cause a considerable increase in free radicals, the joints suffer greater loads, our energy reserves also plummet and our immune system becomes more vulnerable.. All these effects should be counterbalanced by specific and effective sports nutrition which, for example, helps in our recovery,among other objectives.

This is true to such an extent that 99% of professional or semi-professional sportsmen and women take great care of their sports nutrition , and consume sports supplements  appropriate to their specialities and personal characteristics, mostly helped by nutrition guidelines made by nutrition and dietetic professionals.

On this website you will be able to find some of these top professionals refering to their experiences in the field of  sports nutrition, such as the pilot  Nani Roma, the motorcyclist Jorge Lorenzo, the Olympic gymnastNéstor Abad, the triathlete Tamara Gómez, the Ultra Trails Xavi Carrascosa runner, the Olympic walker Raquel González or the  Sant Cugat Elite Performance Centre, among others.

Therefore, sports nutrition  is a complement that you should not ignore if you have healthy exercise habits. However, it is important to be careful as on the black market there is illegal traffic of prohibited and dangerous substances, such as anabolic steroids, and others, which are harmful to our health and have nothing to do with sports supplements or proper sports nutrition. Do not trust miracle products with spectacular results, or sports supplements not correctly labelled in Spanish.

The solution is to go to highly-regarded, reliable companies to advise you on your sports nutrition and acquire sports supplements, such as POWERGYM, with more than 25 years of experience in the Spanish market, and who guarantee that none of its supplements contain harmful banned substances. All POWERGYM sports supplements supplements are stringently tested in our state of the art laboratories  tto ensure their effectiveness and quality and all products scrupulously comply with current legislation and maximum quality standards regarding both raw materials and finished products.

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Well, if at this point you are already convinced that effective sports nutrition is healthy and necessary and has nothing to do with doping or anything harmful to your body, we invite you to browse our website. Here you will find a lot of information about the exciting world of sports nutrition and supplementation POWERGYM, which we have divided into 7 main product lines:

Welcome to the exciting world of sports nutrition.

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