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Beta Power is the sports supplement with Beta Alanine, a non-essential amino-acid which is found in some protein foods and which is not incorporated to produce proteins at a metabolic level.

As is demonstrated by various scientific studies; Supplementation with Beta Alanine produces an important augmentation of up to 69% in the concentration of Carnosine and it is this that is the principal objective of supplementation; the ergogenic effects produced by this dipeptide.

Beta Alanine is the substrate from which the synthesis of Carnosine is augmented when there is Beat Alanine present, or reduced in its absence.

Carnosine, which requires the presence of Beta Alanine in order to be synthesised, is a dipeptide which is naturally found in the musculature, especially in type I, IIA and IIB muscle fibres.

This increase in muscular Carnosine basically produces the following effects;

  • It absorbs the excess of intracellular acidification, such that it combats the accumulation of hydrogen ions, which reduces the cellular pH and thus the performance of the metabolic canals for energy attainment and which create lactic acid as a by-product. It therefore augments capacity to carry out exercise over a long time and at an elevated intensity.
  • Holds off muscular fatigue so that the Carnosine augments the force of contraction and also the activationof the calcium channels in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. This potential of Carnosine positively effects the impact of exercise on mechanical performance and in muscular fatigue.
  • Potent antioxidant effect which, as is known, improves recuperative capacity of the athlete after physical exercise.
  • Increases the acquisition of net muscle masswhen used in conjunction with Creatine supplements

Betapower is an effective sports supplement for improving muscular contraction and delaying the onset of fatigue and can have an important role in muscular recovery due to its antioxidant effect.

With Powergym sports supplements you will improve your sports nutrition and your performance.


Take two capsules four times per day along with a source of carbohydrates. One of the dosages is advisable just before exercise.




Beta-alanine: 500 mg.

Vitamin B6: 2 mg.

PRESENTATION: Jar of 120 capsules

NET CONTENT: 93,2 g.

PRICE: 31,47 Eur. (Vat included)

OTHER INFORMATION OF INTEREST: It is advisable to always take the capsules after meals, if taken alone it can appear a feeling of heat due to a slight effect of paresthesia. Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of sports supplements.


- Should the recommended dosage be taken every day, or only on training days?

It needs to be taken every day. Muscular Carnosine levels need to be kept high in order to have an effect and if you stop taking while not exercising, levels start to drop.

- How should Betapower be taken?

The dosage of this sports supplement is two capsules, four times per day. It is best to take the capsules with a source of carbohydrates or after eating.

- Can I take all the capsules at once?

No, because, in order to effectively increase muscular Carnosine levels dosages have to be spread out, Not only that, but taking more than two capsules are taken you may notice a slight effect of heat on the skin, is a slight paresthesia that does not cause any problem.

- What are the effects of BETAPOWER?

When you supplement with BETAPOWER you will notice an augmentation in your ability to carry out exercise, that you will be able to increase the intensity of your exercise and it will also augment your fat-free muscle mass when you combine it with another great sports supplement: CREAPLUS.

- Can BETAPOWER help me if I want to increase my muscle mas?

Yes, in fact, if you are are capable of increasing your exercise and at a greater intensity with BETAPOWER, this means that you have a greater level of muscle stimulation. Remember that muscle mas is very sensitive to nutrition, rest and type of training.

- For what kinds of sports can BETAPOWER be effective?

For any sport that requires an elevated exercise intensity. Obviously, it is useful for all those sports in which weightlifting, free or with machines, is part of the training regime for better muscles or for reducing body fat. It is also useful for those sports such as Mountain biking, in which there are zones and moments in which there is a greater intensity and in intervallic sports which require sprints such as, for example football, basketball, handball, tennis etc.

- Should the recommended dosage be taken every day or only on training days?

This sports supplement should be taken every day. The levels of muscular Carnosine need to be kept high in order to have an effect and, if you stop taking it during days in which you don’t train, levels start to drop off.

- How long does it take for the effects of BETAPOWER to be noticed?

Supplementation with BETAPOWER, and therefore with beta Alinine, even augment the levels of muscular Carnosine in the first week, therefore, and also taking into account the experiences of athletes, the effect is recognisable in the first week.

-Why doesn’t BETAPOWER contain Carnosine if it is the active ingredient at a muscular level?

Because current scientific studies have seen that Carnosine supplementation doesn’t effectively augment muscular Carnosine. This is due to Carnosine, being a peptide, has part of its amino acid partially hydrolysed in the digestive system and that which gets into the blood also suffers a process of hydrolysis from enzymes.

The method that has been demonstrated to be effective in augmenting muscular Carnosine is with the use of Beta Alanine, which is the limiting amino acid for the endogenous synthesis of Carnosine.

- Does BETAPOWER test positive in doping tests?

No, it is a sports supplement that doesn’t give positive tests in doping tests. It does not contain any substance that is prohibited by any of the international governing bodies for sports (WADA, IOC) or by any national governing body such as Spain’s Superior Council for Sports.

- Can taking more than one capsule provoke any stomach problems?

No, The capsules themselves are of hydrolysed protein, so that they are absorbed like any other protein.