CREAPLUS - Creatine Monohydrate

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Creatine with high performance transport system. Greater absorption and bioavailability. Better digestibility.

CREAPLUS from POWERGYM is the only formula designed to improve the absorption and retention of muscular creatine thus obtaining better efficiency than from other supplements.

New CREAPLUS incorporates GLYCINE which improves digestive pH, avoiding excessive acidification and the possibility of converting the creatine into creatinine and with which absorption and tolerance to the product is improved.

POWERGYM participated in a scientific study on creatine carried out by the C.A.R.* of Barcelona with bodybuilding athletes in which they verified the effectiveness of creatine and its correct dosage regime for best performance improvement.

Supplementation with CREAPLUS increases strength, muscle mass, power and resistance to fatigue.

The innovative formula for CREAPLUS contains;

a) Enough high glycemic index carbohydrates to stimulate the production of insulin and therefore to store a greater quantity of creatine in the muscle.

b) To stabilise and improve the efficiency of the insulin chromium (III) chloride has been added.

c) Creaplus also provides phosphates, which increase the formation of muscular phosphocreatine along with the availability of phosphate for the Oxidative phosphorylation, which can increase anaerobic performance.

d) CREAPLUS contains TAURINE Y MAGNESIUM to maintain the magnesium ion availability to stabilise the energetic phosphate compounds (ATP-PC) in the muscle.

e) Each serving contains 7g of high purity, lab grade creatine monohydrate 





1ST WEEK: Dissolve 3 dosifiers (36 g.) in 300ml. of water 3 times daily.

2nd WEEK: Dissolve 3 dosifiers (36 g.) in 300ml. of water 2 times daily.

3rd and 4th WEEKS: Dissolve 2 dosifiers (24 g.) in 300ml. of water 2 times daily.

MAINTAINANCE: Dissolve  2 dosifiers (24 g.) in 300ml. of water once daily or 7 CREAPLUS capsules per day divided throughout the day along with fruit juices.



Energy: 307 Kcal.

Proteins: 48,20 g.

Carbohydrates: 63,4 g.

Of which sugars 59,10 g.

Fats: <0,5 g.

Of which saturated: 0 g.

Fibre 0 g.

Sodium 0,22 g.


Creatine Monohydrate: 19,4 g. Glycine: 9,7 g. Taurine: 2,7 g. Phosphorus: 902,8 mg. Magnesium: 416,7 mg. Potassium: 112,6 mg. Chromium: 78,41 mcg. Selenium: 76,4 mcg.


Creatine Monohydrate: 500 g. Taurine: 67,5 g. Glycine: 21,3 g. Magnesium: 12,27 mg. Phosphorus: 19,29 mg. Potassium: 1,75 mg. Selenium: 11,8 mcg. Sodium : 3,4 mg. Chromium: 3,74 mcg.


Container with 1.000 g. powder form. 

Jar of 120 capsules

Jar of 280 capsules


Container with 1.000 g. 

Jar of 120 capsules: 99,4 g.

Jar of 280 capsules: 231,9 g.


PRICE (Vat included):

CREAPLUS 1.000 g: 43,80 Eur.





This sports supplement may contain traces of milk, soya and gluten. 


With added sugars and sweeteners Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of sports supplements.



Why does CREAPLUS contain other nutrients besides creatine Monohydrate?

Because it has been scientifically demonstrated that the inclusion of some nutrients in sports supplements such as high glycemic index carbohydrates and insulin potentiators improve the accumulation of muscular creatine and homogenise response to the supplement.

Is there really a difference between taking CREAPLUS and Creatine on its own?

There are many skeptics who have not obtained results with creatine on its own and who have then taken CREAPLUS and have made incredible improvements to their strength, power and muscle mass. Try it, nobody has ever regretted taking this sports supplement.

Is it true that taking CREAPLUS after training is even more effective?

It is true that CREAPLUS supplementation taken by individuals who do or don’t include exercise gives different results. There is an improvement in the accumulation of creatine when the supplement is taken at the time of exercise. What isn’t perfectly clear is whether it should be taken just after exercise. If exercise is a factor which improves the accumulation of muscular creatine, taking the supplement just before or just after exercise could favour an increase in the retention of creatine.

Is creatine doping?

No, creatine is a sports supplement that is not considered to be a doping substance.

Are the claims that creatine can cause renal problems true?

According to the latest scientific studies, sports supplements containing creatine don’t affect any of the blood parameters which determine the health of athletes, including kidney and liver function. It is contra-indicated for renal patients. Any person with any pathology should only take supplements under strict medical supervision. If you would like more information you can read the article on creatine which you will find on this website in the NUTRITION SCIENCE magazine issue Nº 17.

When do you notice the effects of CREAPLUS supplementation?

The effects on improvement in energy, strength and power can be felt after a week of supplementation. The increase in muscle mass can be seen after 6 weeks and it is recommended that regimes of 3 months duration be followed in order to obtain a notable muscular improvement.

Is creatine only useful for fitness, musculature, strength etc.?

No, it is effective for any intervallic sport in which there is a need for maximum or sub-maximum power with intervals of lower intensity. Examples of these are football, basketball, handball, mountain biking etc.

However, in sports involving greater endurance, CREAPLUS can be used as a sports supplement to put off the start of fatigue because of its lactate damping effect.

Is any Carbohydrate product compatible or necessary with CREAPLUS?

It is completely compatible, however, the formula of Creaplus is ready for complete absorption, so there is no need to consume carbohydrates with Creaplus. Creaplus already has all the necessary carrier agents (carbohydrates, phosphates, taurine etc.) for it to be fully effective.

What is the effective weight dosage depending on body weight and training type?

As a general rule, the dosage on the label is correct and is based on an athlete weighing 70Kg.  The dosage to body weight per day is 1,54g of CREAPLUS per Kg of body weight during the loading phase, and 0,35g  of CREAPLUS per Kg  of body weight during the maintenance phase. During the loading phase, it is important that the dosages of CREAPLUS are divided up over the day, with meals and one after training in maximums of 36g of CREAPLUS dissolved in 300ml of water.

Check the POWERBOOK explanation of CREAPLUS for specific recommendations on dosages depending on type of sport and objectives.

For what body weight is the label specified?

For a person weighing 70Kg.

Should CREAPLUS be taken before or after meals?

This supplement can be taken with your food as if it were the water that you usually drink with your food.

What should I do if I have diarrhea just after taking creatine? Are there people who are allergic to creatine?

We don’t know of anybody who has been allergic to creatine. There are people who are sensitive to creatine or who don’t absorb it at all well, this is solved by taking CREAPLUS during the meal and taking  a dosage just after training. CREAPLUS already comes with a damping system for those athletes who might have problems with acidity that could be caused by creatine supplementation.

Why are there other creatines which say that they are absorbed better, why are they more soluble?

The best known form of Creatine and that which has really been demonstrated to work is creatine monohydrate. Other creatine salts contain less creatin per molecule and are therefore more soluble.

Can I take Creaplus continually or should I take rests?

It would appear that the best routine is to have a load phase as indicated followed by a maintenance phase of 2 months. In total that would mean a 3 month regime and then a rest period for 1 month before starting a new load phase.


Energetic value: 307 Kcal.
Proteins: 48,2 g.
carbohydrates: 63,4 g.
Of which sugars: 59,1 g.
Fats lower than: 0,5 g.
Which saturates: 0 g.
Fiber: 0 g.
Sodium: 0,22 g.