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GLUTAPOWER PLUS is a potent recovery supplement at the muscular level, it reduces damage to muscle caused by exercise and increases the regeneration and recovery of muscle mass.

Its innovative formula improves the absorption of the glutamine as well as its transport to the musculature by some 40% and increases the cell volume by some 35% compared with supplements that glutamine on its own.

Not only that, but it also contains an optimal dosage of  L-Leucine, an key amino acid which has a regulatory role in the control of glycemia protein synthesis . The initiation of post-exercise protein synthesis is important to improve muscular regeneration and recovery, especially with intensive exercises and with those of long duration or endurance.

The effects of taking GLUTAPOWER PLUS after exercise are;

- It has a potent effect on energetic and muscular recovery.

- It slows down catabolism and regenerates muscle tissue.

- Aids the accumulation of glycogen.

- Contains L-Glutamine and L-Leucine which increase protein synthesis.

- Also provides taurine and antioxidants which accelerate post-exercise recovery and slow down oxidative stress.

- Naturally elevate the concentration of growth hormone, bicarbonate and the accumulation of muscular glycogen.

- Excellent lemon flavour.




The best means of administration is sublingual; 2 doses (24g) after training and before bed.

Via oral; dissolve 4 doses (48g) in 400 ml of water. Take after training and before bed.



Energy: 358 Kcal.

Proteins: 38,3 g.

Carbohydrates: 51,2 g.

Of which sugars 50 g.

Fats: <0,5 g.

Of which saturated: 0 g.

Fibre 0 g.

Sodium 0,17 g.


L-Glutamine: 20,8 g.

L-Leucine: 12,5 g.

Taurine: 6,25 g.

Inositol: 2.112 mg.

Calcium: 1.117 mg.

Phosphorus: 975 mg.

Vitamin C: 750 mg.

Vitamin E: 125 mg.

Vitamin B6: 25 mg.

Chrome: 417 mcg.

Manganese: 2.187 mcg.


Container with 600 g. powder form. 


PRICE: 44,80 (VAT included)


May contain traces of milk, soya and gluten.


Orange yellow and the quinoline yellow may have negative effects on activity and attention in children. With added sugars and sweeteners. Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. 




Why does GLUTAPOWER contain ingredients other than glutamine?

The POWERGYM Science Department studied the absorption and carrying of glutamine as far as the muscle tissue. It was found that there is a low absorption of glutamine through the intestine. It was therefore decided to add substances to enhance carriage up to 40% better compared to glutamine on its own.

The Glutapower formula can be placed under the tongue for a substantial improvement in absorption and also for a saving in required quantities of the supplement.

It is also true that relatively small quantities, such as 2g of L-glutamine will substantially augment levels of growth hormone.

When is it best to take it for maximum efficiency?

The two most important times are after a training session and before going to bed

Can it be combined with other amino acids?

Yes, POWER BCAA’S can be a good combination of sports supplements for after a training session.

Can GLUTAPOWER be taken orally?

Yes, without problems, and carriage to the muscles will still be better than with glutamine alone.

What is the basic function of L-Glutamine?

Basically, it serves to improve muscle recovery, slow down catabolism and improve the secretion of growth hormone, which increases the synthesis of proteins (helping with gains in muscle mass).

For this reason Glutamine is a sports supplement that is indicated for dietary situations in which we want to reduce intake of fats and maintain muscle mass.

What’s the difference between the sports supplements Recuperox, Glutapower and RECOPLUS?

The principle difference lies in the fact that RECOPLUS is an integral regenerator which serves as a sports supplement for any sport in order to obtain the objective of energetic, muscular and organic recovery, above all alleviating oxidative stress and the hypercortisolemia inherent in some activities.

The sports supplement Glutapower is a regenerator that is centered more on the recovery of tissues that have been damaged during exercise, especially muscular exercise. This supplement is very suitable for heavy exercise loads and when training exceeds 5 or 6 hours of exercise per week.

The sports supplement Recuperox is a potent antioxidant that is very suitable in sports which require an improvement in recovery and regeneration in some structures that have been damaged during exercise such as muscle tissue or the connective tissue between joints, including after an injury.

It is also alleviates excessive oxidative stress after intense or very extended exercise and is used in some cases with the sports supplement Powerflex obtaining an excellent synergic effect at articulations.

What are the differences between the sports supplements RECOPLUS and GLUTAPOWER.

Question already answered above, but briefly; the sports supplement RECOPLUS is a basic, complete, integral regenerator and the sports supplement Glutapower is more specifically for muscles for very intense training.

After training; Which sports supplement is better, RECOPLUS, GLUTAPOWER OR BCAA’S?

If you have to only choose one sports supplement regenerator, RECOPLUS is the integral, basic regenerator par excellence, so first would be RECOPLUS, then, depending on the intensity of the exercise you could include other regenerators such as Glutapower, Recuperox or Power BCAA’s.


Energetic value: 358 kcal
Proteins: 38,3 g.
carbohydrates: 51,2 g.
Of which sugars: 50 g.
Fats lower than: 0,5 g.
Which saturates: 0 g.
Fiber: 0 g.
Sodium: 0.17 g.