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With vitamins, minerals and extract of pinus.

Our organisms need energy to maintain physical activity. The glycogen energy stores run out as we exercise over time and after the first hour it is a good idea to take a carbohydrate supplement to maintain intensity and lengthen the exercise time. Along with the essential hydration, a consumption of 40-50g of carbohydrates is recommended per hour of exercise.  

With gels, the quantity and kind of carbohydrates that we ingest are very important as both aspects have a great influence on their absorption and, therefore, their final effectiveness. The gels which contain a mixes of very concentrated glucose and fructose have a high osmolarity, which makes intestinal absorption very slow, while intestinal absorption increases when  partially hydrolysed carbohydrates or maltodextrins from a source of starches, which have a low osmolarity, are used.

ISOPOWER GEL contains a maltodextrin as a source of basic carbohydrates, which gives it the appropriate assimilation for a gel with 24 g of carbohydrates.

The advantages of ISOPOWER GEL are;

. It is a high power enriched gel, providing 24 g of easily absorbed carbohydrates. You can have two per hour.

. It provides carbohydrates of excellent assimilation, causing practically no gastrointestinal problems

. Prevents muscle cramps due to its procyanidin content.

. Contains important vitamins and minerals because of their relationship to the process of obtaining energy, their antioxidant role and the improvement in hydration during exercise.

. Presentation: ISOPOWER GEL or ISOPOWER GEL with CAFFEINE which includes 50mg of caffeine per gel.

Advice on the use of gels;

. Absolutely all gels, whether more or less diluted, should be taken with water, between 300 and 500ml of water depending on the gel. If it is taken in-race, it can be taken some metres before the provisioning point.

. Don’t take gels alongside isotonic drinks, you should leave an interval of at least 20 minutes from your last use of an electrolytic drink.


Gel lemon with caffeine: Take 1 gel with 300ml of water during exercise.

Gel orange:Take 1 to 4 gels with 300ml of water during exercise.



Energy: 240 Kcal.

Fats: 0 g.

Of which saturated: 0 g.

Carbohydrates: 60 g.

Of which sugars: 19,3 g.

Proteins: 0 g.

Fibre: 0 g.

Sodium: 0.06 g.


Pinus extract: 39 mg.

Vitamin C: 20 mg.

Vitamin B3:4 mg.

Vitamin E: 3 mg.

Vitamin B5: 1,5 mg.

Vitamin B6: 0,35 mg.

Vitamin B2: 0,35 mg.

Vitamin B1: 0,275 mg.

Vitamin B9: 50 mcg.

Vitamin B12: 0,625 mcg.


Caffeine anhydrous: 50 mg./ gel.



Display box 24 gel of 40g each

Gel of 40 g.

NET CONTENT BOX: 960 g. - 24 geles de 40 g. /u.

FLAVOUR: Orange and Lemon with caffeine

Display box 24 gel : 44,40 eur. (VAT included)
1 Gel de 23 g.: 1,85 eur.  (VAT included)  (the minimum order for purchase of loose gels must be above EUR 25.00.)


May contain traces of milk, soya and gluten.


 Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Contain sweeteners. Contains extracts of graded plants, which ensure the content of active ingredients and their effectiveness. The natural extracts of plants can be made to vary the flavor and/or color without affecting the quality of the sports supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Gel containing Caffeine: Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding.




What differences are there between the sports supplements Isopower Gel and Isopower?

Isopower Gel is an energy gel with some of the advantages of Isopower such as helping to avoid muscle cramps, but it doesn’t have a rehydrating effect like Isopower.

Isopower has an energising function, is a very professional, effective rehydrating agent and helps to avoid cramps during physical exercise.


Why shouldn’t I take Isopower Gel before exercise?

Because the kind of carbohydrates it contains release their energy very quickly, Isopower was conceived and created to be taken during exercise when extra energy is needed and which lasts up to an hour.

In order to fill your energy reserves before exercise, we recommend including Energyplus in your diet, which is a sports supplement that has been formulated with carbohydrates which release their energy more slowly and which helps to fill your energy reserves before exercise  and to improve your pre-exercise hydration


Can I take Isopower Gel without water?

All gels, even those that are little more diluted with water, have a concentration of carbohydrates that is too high to be absorbed correctly by the intestine. Therefore, ISOPOWER GEL should always be taken with 300ml of water and separated from electrolytic drinks like ISOPOWER, you should leave a period of 20 min. after your last intake of ISOPOWER before being able to ingest ISOPOWER GEL.

In competition, a good strategy is to take ISOPOWER GEL just before the provisioning point where you take on board the 300ml of water.


Can I take more than one gel with water at the same time?

It isn’t recommended, the direct 40g of Isopower Gel carbohydrates gives you a substantial boost of energy and, above all, is absorbed correctly. Increasing the concentration of carbohydrates a lot will result in lower absorption of both water and nutrients due to the increased osmolarity.


Can Isopower Gel be combined with the PowerBomb and Energyplus sports supplements?

Yes, without any difficulty. You can combine it with both these sports supplements.


Which is better, Isopower o Isopower Gel? Does Isopower Gel hydrate like Isopower?

This question has already been answered, Isopower Gel doesn’t rehydrate like Isopower. Isopower Gel is used when extra energy is needed for an increase in energy during exercise at a specific point in time.



I use Isopower for hydration, both during training and competition. As Isopower contains hydrates, and needing to take gels and energy bars, should I combine it with other Isotonics (or plain water), to make sure I am meeting my correct hourly intake of hydrates?

As with absolutely kind of gel, it should be taken with water simply to ensure that the concentration is correct so that it is quickly absorbed and to avoid gastrointestinal problems.


Can I take Isopower Gel in place of water? Can you take Isopower Gel alongside Isopower? Why can’t you take Isopower Gel and then Isopower?

It is recommendable, the absorption at an intestinal level is very different, among other factors because of the concentration of the sports supplement in comparison with the concentration of blood.

Some gastrointestinal problems have been reported that have been provoked by some gels due to the kind of carbohydrates contained, which greatly increase their osmolarity and also because of taking them with drinks which contain minerals and/or carbohydrates.

Isopower Gel has a low osmolarity in comparison with standard gels, they are absorbed very well and also contain almost double the amount of carbohydrates of conventional gels!!!

You can include Isopower Gel in your sports nutrition some 20 minutes after taking Isopower. Remember that Isopower Gel should always be taken with water, just like any gel on the market, whether it has more or less water in its composition.

In competition, take Isopower Gel some metres before reaching a provisioning point, and always with water.

What is the difference between Isopower Gel and Turbogel?

One of the differences is in the size and format of the products. Turbogel is smaller and therefore closer to the ideal for runners because the small space it occupies is more practical to carry in a pocket of your clothing, but it is also used by cyclists and triathletes as well as swimmers. Being small, dosification is also distinct, with Isopower Gel two gels are taken and with Turbogel 3 are taken per hour.

On the other hand, Turbogel contains Magnesium as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and is the only gel on the market with a refreshing effect, which opens up the nasal pathways and refreshes the mouth when it is most needed.

Energetic value: 240 Kcal
Proteins: 0 g.
carbohydrates: 60 g.
Of which sugars: 0 g.
Fats lower than: 0 g.
Which saturates: 0 g.
Fiber: 0 g.
Sodium: 0,06 g.