POWER BCAA'S - Branched Amino Acids

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Ideal for intense and endurance muscular post-exercise. 

Physical activity brings with it a disruption of the muscle tissue resulting in muscle damage which needs to be repaired to regenerate the musculature, recover and prepare the organism for similar or slightly more intense efforts. 

One of the strategies to improve muscular protein synthesis is the use of BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS or BCAAs: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. The new POWER BCAA’S have a unique, singular formula which improves its effectivity.

POWER BCAA’S have the following effects at a muscular level;
*Improves protein synthesis when taken after exercise.
*Protects athletes, especially those in endurance events, against loss of muscle mass. 
*Helps to maintain or improve muscle mass whilst on a fat reduction diet.
*Improves post-exercise muscle pain and inflation due to physical stress when taken before exercise. 
*Improves general muscular recovery. Also combats oxidative stress. 

Advantages of POWER BCAA’S:

*Greater content of L-Leucine, provides the necessary quantities to, according to published studies, activate the muscular protein synthesis mechanisms.
*Contains Taurine which has a synergetic effect with the BCAAs
*Contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen
*Contains Magnesium, which contributes to normal protein synthesis
*Enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E which contribute to the protection of the cells against oxidative damage.
*Available as an easily dosed powder in tasty orange flavour.

Take 20g. (2 measures) after training. Pour the powder into your mouth and then take a sip of water. 




Energy: 348 Kcal., Carbohydrates: 66,4 g., Of which sugars: 30 g., Proteins: 20,7 g., L-Leucine: 20 g., Taurine: 5 g., L-Valine: 2,5 g., L-Isoleucine: 2,5 g., Magnesium : 281 mg., Vitamin C: 900 mg., Vitamin E: 45 mg., Vitamin B6: 15 mg.


Energy: 369,8 Kcal., Carbohydrates: 13,3 g., Of which sugars: 6 g., Proteins: 4,15 g., L-Leucine: 4 g., Taurine: 1 g., L-Valine: 0,5 g., L-Isoleucine: 0,5 g., Magnesium : 56,2 mg., Vitamin C: 180 mg., Vitamin E: 9 mg., Vitamin B6: 3 mg.

PRESENTATION: Container with 450 g. powder form.



PRICE: 37,99 Eur (Vat included)

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of milk, soya and gluten. 


With added sugars and sweeteners Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of sports supplements.


When is the best time to take POWER BCAA'S?

The best time to take them is after exercise, the Branched Chain Amino Acids are used very quickly by the muscles.

What is special about POWER BCAA'S?

Their purity, Powergym’s quality control ensures that there are no potentially noxious impurities such as heavy metals.

The effectiveness of the formulation of this sports supplement; It contains all the BCAA cofactors which intervene in the metabolism and a high level of L-Leucine which is the amino acid which acts as a starter signal fro protein synthesis.


What effects can be expected from the sports supplement POWER BCAA'S?

Greater recovery and a greater increase in muscle mass for those following a hypertrophy training regime. A general muscle recovery for any athlete aiming to take on new training regimes.

What is the origin of BCAA amino acids? Are they synthetic?

The amino acids, which are in free form, present in sports supplements or other enriched foodstuffs, are produced by the system called ”Biological Fermentation", using natural sources that are similar to yoghurt, vinegar or miso. Biological Fermentation is a production method using the phenomenon by which microorganisms convert nutrients into other essential components necessary for their survival.

This form of fermentation produces materials such as syrups from sugar cane or maize, which is added to a culture of microorganisms, which then produce amino acids of different types depending on the enzymatic activity. Choosing the microorganisms and controlling the enzymatic reactions, we can produce different amino acids. For good performance, control of temperature and pH is needed throughout the process as well as the kind of microorganism which produces the fermentation and results in the production of amino acids.

Some amino acids can also be obtained from a natural protein or from a precursor of the amino acid using enzymatic reactions.

After training, which is better; RECOPLUS, GLUTAPOWER or BCAA’S?

If you need to choose only one sports supplement regenerator, Recoplus is the basic integral regenerator par excellence, so firstly Recoplus, then, depending on the intensity of exercise we can include other regenerators such as Glutapower, Recuperox or Power BCAA’s.



Energetic value: 348 Kcal.
Proteins: 20,7 g.
carbohydrates: 66,4 g.
Of which sugars: 30 g.
Fats lower than: 0 g.
Which saturates: 0 g.
Fiber: 0 g.
Sodium: 0 g.