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Intense training and competition in any mode of sport pushes our organism into muscular, bone and articular stress.

Correct recovery from the demands of sporting activity is fundamental in order to meet renewed training in optimal conditions, to avoid injury and to improve our performance.

Based on numerous scientific studies, a plant - curcuma longa - has been discovered that contains a substance called curcumin which has been demonstrated to be an exceptionally effective as an antioxidant, repairer of tissues damaged by effort and very effective at improving the recovery process after physical exercise.

Curcumin has a very poor oral absorption rate, almost nill even when taken in its pure form, which is how it is usually found on the market.

This problem is solved and its intestinal absorption is maximised when it is in the form of phytosomed particles with a lipotropic covering.

RECUPEROX has the following beneficial effects for athletes:

. Improves general recovery in periods of over effort and high intensity training.

. Favours the regeneration of muscular and connective tissue after sporting injury and also has a protective effect on muscle mass.

. Potent antioxidant, which improves general muscular recovery and combats excess oxidative stress and its consequences. 

. Contains Vitamin D, which is consolidated by the musculo-skeletal complex in an improved state against any exercise eventuality.


Take 4 capsules per day with a glass of water, divided up between meals.




Curcumin phytosome. 250 mg.

Vitamin D3: 1,87 mcg.


PRESENTATION: Jar of 120 capsules

NET CONTENT: 55,8 g.

PRICE: (Vat included)


ALERGENS: Contains products derived from soy beans. 


Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of reach of children. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. 

What’s the difference between Recuperox, Vitacomplex C+E and Vitapower? Are these sports supplements complementary?

The difference lies in the fact that Vitapower is a general source of vitamins, minerals and a little Korean red ginseng, which gives an energy boost. It is an important supplement when we want to be covered for these nutrients and when there are no nutrients lacking. Vitacomplex C+E is a very basic sports supplement for any athlete as it contains the three indispensible antioxidants together.

Yes, they complement each other very well and both of them will help you to improve your sports nutrition.

Can it be taken all the time, or should I take rest breaks?

A good recommendation made by Doctor Ivan Ibañez is to take antioxidant sports supplements for two months and then have a rest break of one month

Should Recuperox be taken every day, or only training days?

This sports supplement should be taken every day if you train for 4 days a week or more.

What are the differences between the sports supplements Recuperox and RecoPlus

RecoPlus is the integral, basic regenerational sports supplement for any athlete. On the other hand, Recuperox doesn’t recover the energy stores, for example, but is a regenerator of joint and muscle tissue, it also alleviates oxidative stress along with its consequences when it is excessive due to exercise: Excessive inflammation, slow recovery, premature cellular aging etc.

What are the differences between the Recuperox, Glutapower and RecoPlus sports supplements?

The principle difference lies in the fact that RecoPlus is an integral sports supplement which serves as a sports supplement for any sports when the objective is to recover either muscular or organic energy, especially alleviating oxidative stress and hypercortisolemia inherent to some efforts.

The sports supplement Glutapower is a regenerator that is centred more on the recovery of tissues that have been damaged during exercise, especially muscular exercise. This supplement is very suitable for heavy exercise loads and when training exceeds 5 or 6 hours of exercise per week.

The sports supplement Recuperox is a potent antioxidant that is very suitable in sports which require an improvement in recovery and regeneration in some structures that have been damaged during exercise such as muscle tissue or the connective tissue between joints, including after an injury.

It is also alleviates excessive oxidative stress after intense or very extended exercise and is used in some cases with the sports supplement Powerflex obtaining an excellent synergic effect at articulations.