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T.BOOST is a muscular potentiator and an excellent recovery supplement for those athletes who carry out heavy physical activity.

During periods of high intensity training or facing long spells of physical exercise, levels of testosterone, growth and cortisol hormones impact directly on the muscular recovery that is needed to face another session.

Depending on the training and intensity we may need one or more days for the recuperation of basal hormone levels, and on occasion muscular recovery can be clearly seen to be negatively affected.

T.BOOST helps to restore the neuroendocrine system, improving the testosterone-cortisol ratio in athletes who carry out intense training sessions.

T.BOOST contains Tribulus terrestris and oats which impact on the creation of an anabolic hormonal environment, thus improving muscle growth, and general muscular recovery.

T.BOOST also provides a special mix of zinc and magnesium (ZMA) which are important in their role as IGF-1 and testosterone regulators in which they improve and effect muscular recovery.



Take 4 capsules per day with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.




Tribulus Terrestris extract: 250 mg.

Avena sativa extract. 250 mg.

Magnesium: 56,7 mg.

Zinc: 3,75 mg.

Vitamin B6: 1,05 mg.

Contains extracts of graded plants, which ensure the content of active ingredients and their effectiveness. 


Jar of 120 capsules

Jar of 280 capsules


Jar of 120 capsules: 96,8 g.

Jar of 280 capsules: 226 g.


T.BOOST 120 CAPSULES: 42,68 Eur.

T.BOOST 280 CAPSULES: 83,41 Eur.

ALLERGENS: Contains gluten

OTHER INFORMATION OF INTEREST: Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of sports supplements.

Why do they say that TBOOST is the most effective hormonal potentiator on the market

It is the consumers who claim that it is the most effective sports supplement in its category.

The effectiveness of T.BOOST depends on the grading of its ingredients to ensure the contents of active ingredients,  POWERGYM identified the active substances and we use ingredients which conform to these characteristics. The exact combination of its ingredients is also very important.

Does T.BOOST test positive as a dopant?

No, it doesn’t contain any substance that is present in the list of prohibited substances in sport in the relevant resolutions released under Spanish B.O.E.s*  which are the lists of prohibited substances provided by the Spanish Supreme Sports Council, the Spanish anti-doping agency.

Does T.BOOST reduce the endogenous hormone system?

No, it is a sports supplement which contains no hormones or anything similar which could negatively affect the hormone system.

What would you recommend to combine with T.BOOST?

Without doubt the other sports supplement to perfectly combine with T.Boost is CREAPLUS. This combination gives such impressive results on strength, recovery and muscle mass gain that it has become the preferred supplementation of many athletes of all kinds.

What is the most effective dosage?

Between 4 and 6 capsules per day.

How I take T.Boost. with meals? Before or after eating? Before or after training?

T.boost should be taken in accordance with the label, the capsules can be divided up over the day and, although they can be taken between meals, absorption continues to be good when taken with meals.

It’s not necessary to take them before or after training, simply divide the capsule dosage over the day, for example two and two.

Should I take T.Boost every day or just the days that I train?

Every day, so long as your regular training regime is at least four days per week.

What is the difference between T.Boost and T.Rec?

These two sports supplements have the same objective; improve the post-exercise hormonal recovery, they just have slightly different compositions. T.boost contains

Tribulus terrestris in place of the Macca contained in T.Rec

Many athletes use a regime that combines the use of both, for example; taking T.Boost for three months, followed by a rest break of one month and then three months of T.Rec.