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Thermogenic and lypolitic

THERMOFAST is a latest generational thermogenic supplement formulated with the aim of reducing fats by the activation of lipolysis and an increase in the metabolic rate.

Supplements which contain thermogenic substances, imitate the activity of catecolamines, with regard to the elevation of body temperature, and subsequently energy use, thus increasing the generation of energy and predisposing the cardiovascular system for muscular activity.

These types of supplements have two main functions for athletes:

  • Assists in the reduction of the percentages of body fats.
  • Increase in energetic processes.

Taking the Dulloo et col. study as a basis, THERMOFAST can have the following effects on fat reduction:

  • Influence on basal metabolism due to the stimulating action  of thermogenesis. The increase is of approximately 4%, therefore increasing engergetic use.
  • Increase of lipolysis or oxidation of fats, which over a 24 hour period increase almost 10% and fats are burnt at an accelerated rhythm.
  • Improved alertness and energy levels which are sometimes diminished during dieting.
  • Prevent the drop of the metabolic rate, which occurs when dieting. Maintain and increase lipolysis and the oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Green and red teas contain antioxidants, which reduce the production of free radicals, also, generated by intense training.


Take three capsules throughout the day, with water. 


NUTRIENT CONTENTS  (per capsule)

Green Tea: 250 mg

Citrus Aurantium: 150 mg.

Red Tea: 150 mg.

Black Pepper: 5 mg.

Contains extracts of graded plants, which ensure the content of active ingredients and their effectiveness. 

PRESENTATION: Jar of 120 capsules

NET CONTENT: Jar of 120 capsules: 94 g.

PRICE: THERMOFAST 120 CAPSULES: 39,62 Eur. (VAT included).


It should not be taken in the event of hypertension,(Citrus aurantium). It should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation period,(Citrus aurantium). In case of nervousness, stop using the product (Citrus aurantium). Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage.