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Physical exercise provokes wear on your organism which is increased in proportion to the intensity of training.

This wear and physical stress that you put your organism through can sometimes be excessive for the physiological systems that are involved in the recovery of the fibres, energy and antioxidant equilibrium

To help in recovery, vitamins and minerals are used that form the basic antioxidant base, among these are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium are of special interest for athletes.

These three nutrients are basic in sports nutrition for their participation in the attainment of energy in the metabolism and their action in easing post exercise oxidative stress produced by very intense or very prolonged exercise.

The most significant effects of Vitacomplex C+E are;

1- Helps to counteract the oxidative stress that is augmented during exercise, minimising muscular breakdown produced by lipidoperoxidation as a result of intense exercise. Improves recovery.

2- Physical exercise produces a reduction in Vitamin E in skeletal muscle and, as a consequence, a reduction in the oxidative phosphorylation and the formation of ATP, augmenting the excretion of Creatine  and the formation of muscular fibrosis. Improves the energetic processes for the attainment of energy.

3- It is a sports supplement based on antioxidants and especially Selenium and has a positive effect on the immune system and in improving the inflammation processes caused by exercise.

4- In studies carried out on cyclists, sports supplement with Vitamin C and E have resulted in an improvement in recovery, and observed reductions of lactate.

Vitacomplex C+E improves antioxidant protection against free radical and causes a reduction of muscular damage as a result of exercise, improving recovery and preventing the diminished immune function typical of very intense physical activity and heavy work loads.

Vitacomplex’s ingredients have been carefully selected to achieve an improved intestinal absorption, improving on traditional formulas. The selenomethionine, esterified Vitamin C and natural Vitamin E present  the right bioavailability. They are sports supplements that aid your antioxidant recovery and sports nutrition.


Take 1 capsule with a glass of water just after exercise.


NUTRIENT CONTENTS (per capsule)​

Vitamin C esterified: 180 mg.

Vitamin E: 30 mg.

Selenium: 80 mcg.

PRESENTATION: Jar of 120 capsules

NET CONTENT: 65,7 g.

PRICE: 25,37 Eur. (VAT included)

OTHER INFORMATION OF INTEREST: Sports supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced diet. Sports supplements should be kept out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of sports supplements.



What are the differences between Vitapower, Recuperox and Vitacomplex C+E? Are they complementary?

The difference between these sports supplements lies in the fact that Vitapower is a general provider of Vitamins, minerals and a little Korean red Ginseng that gives a small increase in energy; an important supplement when you want to ensure availability of these nutrients and that you’re not missing any of them.

Vitacomplex C+E is a very basic sports supplement for any athlete as it contains the three indispensible antioxidants together.

Yes, they complement each other very well.

Should Vitacomplex C+E and  Recuperox be taken every day, or only during training?

These sports supplements should be taken every day you train, at least four days per week.

Can it be taken every day or should I take rest periods?

A good recommendation made by Doctor Ivan Ibañez is to take antioxidant sports supplements for two months and then have a rest break of one month