POWERGYM’s Scientific-Technical department was established with the objective of testing and searching for effective ergogenic sports supplements. One of its missions is to find new sports supplements for your sports nutrition which respond to current needs, validating and basing our new sports supplements on scientific principles.

The mission of the SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT is to help POWERGYM provide scientific, credible information to aid our clients to achieve maximum results with the sports supplements, understanding the “How”, the “When” and “How much” of each supplement is necessary to improve their nutrition.

To achievement this commitment we can call on doctors who are specialists in Sports Medicine, sports nutrition and ergogenic sports supplements, all of them are well respected and experienced not only in their fields of medicine but also in scientific research.

It is important to point out that our doctors and sports nutrition specialists in this Scientific-Technical Department work together with the scientific community volunteering their time and energy with the common objective of improving nutrition, sports supplements and the health of the athlete.


The C.A.R. is a sports centre that is dedicated to high performance sports, bringing the highest scientific-technical standards to federation-level athletes.

The C.A.R. started its activities in 1987 after the selection of Barcelona as the host of the Olympics, as an instrument to improve the performance of high performance athletes. It can call on modern sports installations that have been designed for cutting edge training techniques with a modern physiology laboratory as well as a first class scientific team.

The C.A.R., always concerned with achieving the maximum performance of its athletes, after assessing the scientific basis of sports supplements as well as their efficiency with professional athletes, decided to sign an agreement by which POWERGYM became supplier of sports supplements and sporting nutrition.

Various POWERGYM sports supplements are recommended to professional athletes by the C.A.R. due to their effectiveness, quality and security because the of the absence of impurities and banned substances which could test positive in drugs testing, thus protecting the health of the athlete.

With this agreement, POWERGYM once more demonstrates that it is the highest reference for quality, effectiveness and innovation in the Spanish sports supplements and nutrition market.


* Doctor specialising in physical education and sports medicine.

* Has carried out numerous studies on the effects of sports supplements and nutrition with high performance athletes and is one of the top Spanish researchers who worked on the ergogenic effects on athletes of Creatine Monohydrate sports supplements

* Is currently a member of the medical service for Real Sociedad (S.A.D.) in San Sebastian.





* Advisor and member of the POWERGYM scientific-Technical team.

* Chemical engineer 1976.

* Licenced in medicine and surgery.

* Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Barcelona.

* CES (Certificat D'Estudes Spéciales) in biology and sports medicine, Montpellier University.

* Associate professor on the doctorate program on exercise physiology, University of Barcelona, Department of Physiology.

* Has spoken infinite times at courses and seminars on applied physiology sports and obesity

* Specialist in reduction of body fats and obesity.

* Created his own scientific method of natural body fat reduction without pharmaceuticals.




* Advisor and member of the POWERGYM scientific-Technical team.

* Licenced to practice medicine and surgery by the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

* Specialist in Preventative and Longevity (Anti-Aging) Medicine, University of Charleroi, Belgium

* Doctorate in Physiology, University of Barcelona. 

* Diploma in advanced studies “Research Proficiency”, University of Barcelona (Physiology Dept.).

       - Publication: The contribution of genetic polymorphisms in preventative medicine

* Master in Experimental Biology, Biology Faculty, University of Barcelona

* Master of Sports and rehabilitation Medicine (Association for Continual Training in the Health and Educational Sciences, ESSSCAN (School of Sanitation and Social Services of the Health and Consumption Council of the Canary Islands)

* Head of various research studies on physical exercise, aging, sports performance and metabolism.

* Has been a speaker at many national and international symposiums on the prescription of physical exercise, nutrition and studies on rest state and exercise metabolism, including those of POWERGYM on “Natural hormonal potentiation – Supplementation and exercise”, 2005.




• Diploma in Physiotherapy

• Diploma in Dietary and Sports Nutrition.

• Diploma in Clinical Applications of Physical Exercise.

• Masters in Management of Sporting Organisations

• Personal Trainer for "The National Academy of Sports Medicine".

• Specialist in Anthropometric studies.

• Specialist in the preparation of high performance athletes.


Has been working for more than 15 years as;

• Member of the POWERGYM Scientific – Technical Department.

• Head of the Powergym Personal Trainer Personal Trainer department