The references that you will find in this section are real references from professionals in their field or very committed amateurs and who take Powergym sports supplements as nutritional supplements for their efficiency and quality in their day-to-day training regimes and competitions.

We believe that they can be an inspiration for other athletes and also as a demonstration that Powergym's sports supplementation is effective in improving performance and energy, recovery, prevention from injury and in maintenance of health.





The C.A.R. is a sports centre dedicated to high performance bringing with it maximum scientific-technical quality to athletes at federation level.




The C.A.R. started its activities in 1987 after the selection of Barcelona as the host for the Olympic Games and as an instrument for the improvement of high performance athletes. It can count on modern sporting installations that have been designed for cutting edge training techniques and with a modern physiology laboratory as well as a first rate scientific team.

The C.A.R., always concerned with achieving the maximum performance of their athletes and after verifying the scientific basis of the sports supplements as well as their efficiency with professional athletes, has decided to sign an agreement in which POWERGYM becomes the supplier for the C.A.R. For sports supplements and sports nutrition.

Various POWERGYM products are recommended by the C.A.R. to professional athletes for their efficiency and confidence in the absence of impurities and substances not permitted which could test positive in drugs controls, thus protecting the health of the athlete.

With this agreement, POWERGYM once more demonstrates that it is the highest quality, the most effective and most innovative company on the Spanish sports supplements market.




Licenced to practice medicine and surgery by the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Specialist in Preventative and Longevity (Anti-Aging) Medicine, University of Charleroi, Belgium

Doctorate in Physiology, University of Barcelona.

Diploma in Advanced and Experimental Genetics

Experimental y Diploma de Estudios Avanzados en Genética.

Master of Sports and rehabilitation Medicine


POWERGYM offers a range of high quality sports supplements and integrates into them the latest investigations and advances for professional optimums. I give them my trust, which grows each day with each new sports supplement it launches onto the market, as we know that they comply with the criteria of quality and efficiency that are indispensable today for the recommendation of ergogenic sports supplements.






Chemical Engineer

Medical Doctor

Specialist in sports medicine and reduction of body fats.

Associate professor on the doctorate program on exercise physiology, University of Barcelona, Department of Physiology.




I believe that POWERGYM offers sports supplements which work through innovative formulas based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.

The responsibility demonstrated over the years, the use of sports supplements which work and the quality offered makes them worthy of my total confidence, making them worthy of recommendation as suppliers of ergogenic sports supplements for athletes of all disciplines.





* Specialist in physical education and the deporte.

* Medicine has conducted numerous studies on the effects of sports supplements and sports nutrition with high-performance athletes and is one of the first researchers Spaniards who found the effects ergogenic sports deportistas. Creatine monohydrate supplementation

* Currently is a member of the medical service of the Royal Society of football SAD of San Sebastian.



Our relationship started more than a decade ago with POWERGYM, a company that we have found to be an appreciated supporter, both at a personal and scientific level, which has favoured a constantly up-to-date aid in sports nutrition at the disposal of our athletes.

POWERGYM’s steadfast message, based on balanced diet, adjusted with legal, nutritional and ergogenic sports supplements, has proven to be very relevant in aiding our athletes to obtain the greatest benefits in their daily preparation and to achieve the highest levels of competitive successes.




Two times Spanish Bodybuilding Champion


Specialist in sports nutrition.









Years ago, when I was a competitor, we had great difficulties in being able to supplement or diets with sports supplements which even minimally covered our training requirements.

These days, as an elite athlete coach, I can count a on a great, reliable, prestigious sports nutrition company from our country that gives results. It is not only limited to providing sports supplements for its athletes but it also to researches, aids and is up to date with all the scientific studies in the most advanced countries; this company is POWERGYM.




World and European championships team member as well as all lower categories.

Barcelona International Triathlon Vicechampion.

2010: Classified 4th in the Garmin Triathlon, Barcelona. 







“During long training sessions in which I sweat a lot, I always use Isopower, which is a sports supplement that really works and allows me to train flat out without cramping. Before competitions and hard training sessions , I always take another sports supplement, a vial of Powerbomb, it gives me incredible energy, improves my endurance and helps me to maintain my concentration. It’s also worth mentioning that, during high volume exercise, I take antioxidant sports supplements like Non Oxid, Recuperox and Vitacomplex to improve recovery after exhausting training sessions , to avoid the drop in performance of my immune system.

In professional sports, to be able to count on the support of a serious brand of effective, reliable and trustworthy sports supplements is fundamental and, for me, the best is Powergym”.




European 5000m Champion (Gothenburg 2006)

European Vice-Champion 5000m (Barcelona 2010)








“I always reacted against the use of sports supplements because I thought that, with a good, well balanced, quality diet, no sports supplements were necessary, until I saw (or was made to see) that they could be an aid to recovery and in the assimilation of training as well as in avoiding illness with the hammering we put our bodies through.

I met Powergym’s sports supplements through Dr David López Capapé, and the truth is that I’m delighted to be using them. For me, the star sports supplement is Isopower, not only for its qualities of rehydration and replacement of salts, but because it also provides an energy for long training sessions. I also use Powerbomb on competition days and, as I’m not a fan of coffee before competitions, it provides this necessary boost and energy for these days while avoiding the possible stomach problems produced by coffee.

The sports supplements that avoid injuries are especially important. I use Powerjoint, which nourishes my joints and avoids the wear of exercise, protecting me from problems not only now, but also in the future”.







Fitness World Champion

Personal trainer

Competitor in marathons and 10km races.









The demands of training make training sports supplements necessary to maintain my health, to improve my performance and also to keep my body-fat and cellulitis levels low.

I have tried many different brands of sports supplements, but for several years I have trusted my sports nutrition, and that of my clients to Powergym, because of their integrity and the quality of their sports supplements, with the guarantee that they don’t test positive in drugs testing nor do they contain substances that are damaging to the body.

The burners that I use and recommend are Thermocarnitin XL, body-fat reducer and energy provider in the 10km races and marathons, sports supplement combinations such as Thermofast and Metactif with Hidroxycrom or Lipotropicos and for women, with the addition of the Reducing Cream are the sports supplements which work best in the battle against body fats. I say to my clients and friends that, if they want sports supplements that really work, then they should go to Powergym.




Spanish IFBB Champion

Olimpia Trophy Champion.
















Throughout the years of training and completion, I have met and tried many sports supplements from many different brands, so I can say that quality is a very important factor in a sports supplement’s ability to work. POWERGYM bases their sports supplements on science, they carry out strictly controlled studies to ensure that each of their sports supplements meet with the requirement to work with the greatest efficacy.    


I recommend POWERGYM to you if you are looking for results!!!





Master Swimmer (50+category) world 100m record holder

European Backstroke Champion at 50m and 100m 





Combining my working day with a daily training schedule is tough without sports supplements. I take a sports supplement like Vitapower with my breakfast, which guarantees all the vitamin, mineral and energy for the day. I take 2 capsules of NitricPower with 2 measures of Creaplus before training sessions, sports supplements which assure me of a great capacity to work along with an increase in muscular endurance. I take Isopower as a sports supplement to rehydrate and reduce the cramps that used to torture me in intense, varied training sessions, especially when I did a tough training session with flippers. I ensure my effort in competitions with a vial of Powerbomb an hour beforehand and I am always surprised with the positive energy I can summon against any test in the competition program.


I have improved my results against every expectation of my age and I credit it to the use of quality supplements that work. My direct advice to older athletes who want to improve their performance and their health is to use these sports supplements.






Specialist in Physical Activity and Sports Medicine

1st team Doctor, RCD Espanyol





Good training as well as well balanced nutrition and sports supplement routines, which help the athlete to reach their physical objectives, to aid their recovery and so to avoid possible injury as much as possible is so important in top class competition.


In Powergym’s sports supplements we have found a great variety of sports supplements which help us to perfectly cover the distinct requirements of our athletes, and which enjoy our complete confidence because of their results as well as providing innovative products in the field of sports supplements, result of their constant hard work on research.





One of the best Physical Coaches in Spain, manages the training of well known athletes and knows perfectly well which sports supplements to use in order to meet high performance objectives.










“Sports supplements have been used since time immemorial. In ancient times our ancestors drank infusions or chewed leaves to have more energy and endurance when they went hunting or even going to war. Today, only the packaging has changed, but the basis of modern sports supplements remain plant extracts and other fruits of scientific research and understanding of how the body functions. Why do I take sports supplements? Because today a professional or amateur athlete (there are thousands of people who go to the gym or train quite hard 4 or 5 times a week, just to keep young, stave off the aging process, or just to de-stress and keep healthy) finds it difficult to endure or keep healthy without sports supplements. Not only that, but sports supplements allow me to know that my clients can adapt their sports nutrition to their specific objectives throughout the year.

As far as my preferred brand for sports supplements is concerned, I have no doubt. I always use sports supplements from the Powergym brand, for me, the best because of their quality, reliability and efficiency. The ones that I turn to most, even though I use practically all the products from the large range of sports supplements at one time or another, are Powerbomb, Isopower, BCAAs, the protein shakes, Glutamine, T.Boost, T.Rec and Nitric Power (I love this sports supplement)”.




Nutritionist for Villareal FC.











In sports, and even more so in elite sports, very high standards of nutritional needs (Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats) are required, all these would be impossible to meet from food alone, even more so today, when food is highly processed and with a commensurate loss of nutrients.

All this makes it more than necessary to provide the necessary extra with sports supplements, for a good recovery after physical efforts, to avoid injury, to be able to perform to the maximum of your abilities, and finally to definitively reach the sporting success that we all desire.

Should we let the opportunity to be better and reach our goals pass us by? I don’t think so and, for this reason, I use sports supplements as a fundamental tool with elite athletes.

For this reason, why do we have to find the best sport supplements possible for our athletes? Because if the sports supplement isn’t up to the job, at best, we are throwing money away, but, as professionals, we need to ensure the best health for our athletes which, for me, is the most important thing, and, at the same time, meet our objectives. Choosing a reliable, effective sports supplement brand is fundamental. Currently, I trust the sports supplementation of my athletes to the Spanish brand Powergym because, as well as being very strict on the subject of doping and health, I can see that they insist on working with the highest quality raw materials to develop their sports supplements (which are also subjected to scientific study before going on sale), and are therefore very effective and safe for the health and sports nutrition of my athletes. With respect to the specific sports supplements that I use most, Creaplus, Powerbomb and EnergyPlus stand out for gaining strength and energy, other sports supplements like isopower, Recuperox and Glutapower stand out for rehydration and post-exercise recovery, Vitacomplex C+E and Vitapower as multi-vitamins, without forgetting Non oxid as an antioxidant and Mecactif and Thermocarnitin XL when a player might be a bit overweight.




Spanish Champion in adapted cycling

International Athlete with the Spanish Team

Marathon Champion in Barcelona and Sevilla










A good sports supplement is fundamental when taking part in sport at a more or less intense level. It goes without saying that for those of us who compete at national or international levels it is simply essential. For that reason it is important to find a brand of sports supplements which is serious, safe and effective and I have therefore been relying on the Spanish brand Powergym for some time now.  Although we vary our use of sports supplements depending on the time of the season, and that I use quite a few sports supplements from their range such as CREAPLUS, BETAPOWER, POWERMASS, POWER BCAA’S there are some sports supplements  that I use all the time and I would like to give my opinion on those.



Hydration is key to sports performance.

Sportsmen need to replace all the ions and glugogen which we lose while doing sports (especially sodium) and because of this I hydrate by using the sports supplement ISOPOWER. We must avoid the sensation of thirst and get used to drinking before, during and after training. As well as rehydrating me and replacing, ISOPOWER also gives me a little extra energy and thanks to the pignogenol in its formula it prevents possible cramps and muscular contractions when I am training or when competitions are very intense


There is no evidence that the administration of this sports supplement has any positive effects on training when in good condition, but there is evidence that a deficiency of micronutrients diminishes sports performance and may damage your health. 

There are times during the season in which traning is more intense and when I travel in order to compete, it is also true that when we go abroad we cannot always be sure of a balanced diet. It is therefore fundamental to ensure the availability of these micronutrients  through a complete, safe nutritional sports supplement like VITAPOWER.




Vice-Champion of Spain, Enduro 2010

Catalan Enduro Champion 2011

Participant In the Paris Dakar Rally 2012














Riding in the Dakar was a fantastic experience, but quite hard, and I can say that both in the training prior to and during the competition itself sports supplements were, without a doubt a very important factor

During the race, my supplement intake was as follows: In the morning, during breakfast I would take Vitacomplex to ensure an optimal level of vitamins and minerals, taking into account the level of wear and tear that a race like this entails. In the morning we usually had a drive to the starting point, I would take this opportunity to prepare 2 litres of water with 2 sachets of ISOPOWER and would drink frecuently. At the start of a special stage I would take a Powerbomb just before the start as I am a nervous person and I need to take it when I am already using energy, not when I am in a state of rest before leaving.  Throughout the stage, about once an hour, I would have energy bars or food with glucose, which works well for me and, depending on the heat, I would prepare another litre of water with a sachet of Isopower. As soon as the special stage finished I would take sports supplements such as one or two Wheybars to start recovery and a little later an Isowhey 100 shake along with a couple of pieces of fruit. This strategy worked really well for me  and I was able to give my best during the race, and what is even more important, it allowed me to recover perfectly so I could be on form stage after stage.  




Spanish 800m record holder.









When we talk about a discipline as demanding on the body as is middle distance athletics, the use of a good supplement and nutrition programme is simply essential, in order to help the body to maintain high levels of intensity and to enable a full recovery.

It is therefore, important to find a brand of sports supplements and nutrition  which is safe and effective. Some time ago I found the Spanish company Powergym, an expert in supplementation and Nutrition. To speak of Powergym is to speak of caring for the sportsman. I was delighted to find that their team of physiologists and nutritionists manufacture and test their own sports supplements here with sportsmen like me, listeing to their feedback in order to improve them, unlike other brands, which simply buy products and re-label them.

My experience with the brand has always been very positive. The variety of their products is very important, especially their range of recovery products, which are both innovative and effective, giving you the possibility to recover completely after each session and thus be able to avoid eternally feared and always untimely injuries.

On of my favourite products is T.Rec, a very powerful natural sports supplement which helps to make my muscles feel like new after every training session. Another one that I find essential while working out is Isopower; a complete technical isotonic drink. It is ideal, not only to replenish the loss of salts and electrolites lost during training and competition, but it also provides vitamins and natural substances such as pignogenol which help to avoid muscular cramps. Many think that commercial isotonic drinks are good enough, but if you are training hard, you need an isotonic drink which is more complete as is the case with Isopower. I would recommend it to anyone who does sport.




Outright Champion of the Dakar Rally, motorcycles, 2004

ViceChampion of the Dakar Rally, cars, 2012

Champion of the Dakar Rally, cars, 2014





“Hi, my name is Nani Roma, I am a Rally-Raid driver. I came across Powergym sports supplements, thanks to my trainer Lluis Capdevila and the C.A.R. in Sant Cugat. For us it is really important that our sports supplements are supported by professionals and especially by centres like the C.A.R., where doctors and other professionals  certify that all is as it should be.

I use Powergym sports supplements both in training and for recovery, not only during the races and raids in which I participate, but also when training, both on my road bicycle and my mountain bicycle, which I use to prepare for the raids.

The sports supplements I use the most are: Powerbomb, Isopower, Power Mass and the Whey Bars.

The most spectacular of the sports supplements and which really works for me is Powerbomb, I recommend it to all of you. I take it before starting both when training as well as when competing in the car. It helps to maintain strength and concentration, tremendously important for training and vital in competition.

I take the bars during training and also during competition. In the car it is difficult to find products which are easy to carry and to eat. Wheybars are just that, aside from being very tasty and giving me a feeling of strength when making physical efforts.

I take Isopower, like the other sports supplements, in training as well as competition. I was able to test the benefit of the sports supplement the day I forgot to put it in my bike’s flask, I felt somewhat different in the way that I felt I was able to pedal. To be clear, neither does Isopower  make me ride like a professional cyclist, nor does it make me feel incapable of pedalling if I don’t take it, but it does make me feel much better.

The last sports supplement that I use most is Powermass, which works really well for recovery after a training session, though I use it most in races and after a special stage. I always have a few Powermasses in the car and it’s the first thing I take when I finish a stage. And it’s a fundamental sports supplement to recovery after a great stage!

In conclusion, I take Powergym because their sports supplements are safe and because they give me fantastic results and because, although some people think that you don’t need good physical preparation to drive a car, the fact is it is vital to have any real chance of success in professional sports.

To finish off, I would like to be able to say thanks to all the people at Powergym who have helped me so much to maintain a fundamental physical preparation, that has allowed me to be a successful rider and driver these last few years”.




Bronze,  Daegu 2011, 1500m

Silver Doha 2010 1500m

Bronze Barcelona 2010 1500m

Silver Turin 2009 1500m




Combining a sporting career with my work as a mother can be really emotional and many times, even fun. But training can require 100% commitment and my physical condition is below the minimum necessary.

With POWERGYM I have discovered the way to regain my energy, taking full advantage of my rest periods and, at the same time, facing the next session with the maximum guarantees. So, I never forget to take my daily THERMOCARNITIN XL sports supplement, before my more marathon training sessions, and CREAPLUS for my “heavier” training sessions.

To avoid nasty surprises, it’s better to keep injuries at bay. I let POWERFLEX take great care of my cartilage, hydrating and replacing lost minerals with ISOPOWER. And, because I like the final leg of the race to be memorable, my little vial of POWERBOMB is a fixture in the pocket of my backpack on competition days.




Specialist doctor in traumatology and orthopedics is an active athlete and was Spanish Universities 400m hurdles champion in 1994 and an international athlete.

Carries out medical checks on numerous top athletes like Antonio Reina, who continues to be at his best 10 yeaars after breaking the Spanish record, the marathon runners Carles Castillejo and José Carlos Hernández, Spanish cross country champion among a long list of etceteras.


“Supplementation is one of the pillars of sporting success, along with training and resting. Without this kind of support, it is difficult to reach, and even more so to maintain, a high level of performance over the years. Many athletes aren’t at all aware of this, and I believe that they don’t look for serious advice in this field. Some have a perfect diet and have no need of multivitamins. But, depending on their speciality and point in the season, they need sports supplements like amino acids, glutamine, carnitine, tonics, antioxidants, immune system potentiators, stimulants etc.

Among the best supplements for athletes I recommend Isopower, with an unrivalled formula, for the right hydration during training because it doesn’t stop at providing ions and hydrates, it also has a great flavour and is stupendously easily tolerated. For improved strength and muscular potency; Creatine is the star. Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine are also important and have other functions beyond the purely muscular. Beta Alinine is another sports supplement with demonstrated properties in this field. In post-intense effort recovery, Zinc and Magnesium can play an important role, like the launch of TREC, which also involves interesting plant substances. Arginine is also a basic sports supplement. And if you’re looking for a reduction in proportion of body fats, caffeine, Chromium and Citrus Aurantium augment the efficacy of body fats usage, which need to be burnt off in training. You shouldn’t forget to care for and protect your joints; sports supplements containing glycosaminoglycans, collagen, hyaluronic acidand silicon for example, in different combinations are very useful in preventing articular and tendon pains. For a general athlete, who trains 2 or 3 times per week and runs general races for fun and health, I would recommend the avoidance of anaemia with a good mineral multivitamin like Vitapower, avoid articular damage with Powerjoint, and Powerflex for recovery and to favour muscular recovery with protein shakes and/or glutamine.




 1st Spanish finisher in the Barcelona marathon, 2012 in a time of 2h. 11' 57''






Jose Carlos obtained the fastest time at the 2012 London Olympics. He a has been competing for 24 years, starting in school competitions, and his best times have been 8'04'' in the 3,000m, 14’ in the 5,000m, 28’50 in the 10,000m and 62’58 in the Marathon. This is what he tells us of his experience with sports supplementation and nutrition;

“Dr David López Capape mentors me on sports supplementation and nutrition and the difference since I started taking the products that he recommended to me has been noteworthy. In endurance sports, supplementation is fundamental because we take the body to tremendous levels and, if we don’t replace the body’s reserves, the body can’t recover and training quality dimishes.

For my preparation, these are the products that I tend to use;

THERMOCARNITIN XL, TREC, VITACOMPLEX C+E, BCAA'S, ISOPOWER, ENERGYPLUS, GLUTAMINA and RECUPEROX. If I had to choose only one, it would be quite difficult, I wouldn’t be sure whether to go for ISOPOWER or ENERGYPLUS, they are very complete and improve performance tremendously, one hydrates and the other supplies the necessary energy.

To a general athlete, I would first recommend a medical check up, analysis and exertion test. From there, a good diet is sufficient along with ISOPOWER and ENERGYPLUS. It would be a different case if your doctor recognised that you needed extra energy, in this case I would recommend a multivitamin like VITAPOWER or VITACOMPLEX C+E and an instant energy boost such as POWERBOMB.




My name is Nacho Varela and I have worked as a personal trainer and adviser to all kinds of athletes on training, nutrition and supplementation for 20 years now and am fortunate enough to have a Powergym shop because I can affirm the strength of the most serious brand of sports nutrition which is on the market today. As the competing athlete that I am, I have no doubt as to their efficacy. My vitality, my strength and my energy are largely due to the supplementation that I use daily.



- 1 Vitapower: I have no lack of vitamins or minerals .

- 1 Dibencozide: Helps me to attain a greater protein assimilation and stimulates my appetite.

- 4 T.Boost to naturally improve recovery of my hormone system after intense training sessions.

Before training:

- 6 Nitric Power to improve the nutrient intake and the oxygenation of my muscles and thus feel in muscular congestion delay.

After training:

- 80gr Recoplus mixed with water guarantee an immediate recovery of my glycogen deposits as well as an optimal protein intake.  

- 1 dosifier of Glutapower Plus, plus a capsule of Vitacomplex C+E to accelerate my recovery,  reduce the cortisol and the consequent catabolism and regenerate any injury to muscle fibre.

Mid morning and mid afternoon:

- 1 40gr. shake of Isowhey 100, isolated protein of the best quality to ensure maximal nutrition of my muscles in the fastest, tastiest and most effective way possible.

These and other sports supplements are very effective, such as Metactif, Creaplus, Energyplus, Powerbomb or Isopower allow the achievement of very good results for the customers I advise, improving strength, muscular mass or energy and performance and sports nutrition. 




Speed walker for the Spanish Athletic Team

Spanish Champion for walking in several categories and distances.

International Athlete and double finalist in the Olympics, 2008 – 2012

Athlete for the C.A.R. in Barcelona.

Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry









In a sports speciality as demanding as race walking, nutrition and sports supplementation become fundamental to be able to maintain a rhythm, recover well and prevent dangerous injuries. When we work our bodies hard we must keep ourselves healthy and in the best condition possible.  

It is also important to choose a brand of sports supplements carefully as it is to be our closest ally. I have had no doubts for some time now, my brand of sports supplements is Powergym. I heard of the Powergym sports supplements thanks to the Nutrition service of the C.A.R. in Sant Cugat. The fact that this recommendation came from the C.A.R. was, in itself, an important point, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the products as well as the absence of harmful or doping elements. The essential products for me are: Isopower, Power BCAAs and Glutapower.

Isopower is undoubtedly the best rehydrating recovery drink I know of. In athletics, race walking is one of the events with the longest distances; it is for this reason that it is important to prevent dehydration by using an isotonic drink which allows a replenishment of minerals and water which is lost through sweating. Isopower not only provides sodium and potassium, but also contains carbohydrates, which delay fatigue and an effective amount of flovonoles and antioxidants to avoid muscle cramp. An added value is that it has an excellent flavour.

After training or an event one needs to recover. I take Power BCAA’s and Glutapower after demanding training sessions in order to recover. Many training sessions imply severe muscle wear and these amino-acids allow the recovery of muscle fibre, favouring the synthesis of protein, something with is tremendously important in endurance disciplines such as mine.

Aside from these three basic products, which I was already using, I have to thank Powergym for providing me with new products to try which help me and are tremendously important in achieving a good supplementation. I take vitamin sports supplements such as Vitapower and Vitacomplex C+E daily to ensure a good vitamin balance, recovery products such as Recoplus with carbohydrates, proteins and anti-oxidants, which I take after every training session and the activator Powerbomb, which I take before hard training sessions and competitions, providing an excellent help to improve endurance, general energy and concentration.

Both amateurs and professionals will benefit from sports supplementation. According to my experience and knowledge, anyone training above four to five hours a week requires supplements; it is simply essential in order to do any specialised sport while caring for one’s body and health, both current and future.







5th Elite in the Barcelona Garmin Triathlon

3rd  Elite in Spain in the Distance Sprint 2013

8th   Elite in Spain in Olympic Distance Sprint 2013









I have absolute trust in the Powergym brand, and I am aware that their supplements are tested and developed with the support of a scientific technical department and the co-operation of many medical specialists in sports medicine and many of them tested even within the C.A.R., high performance Centre in Sant Cugat, as well as finally trying them myself and confirming their effectiveness myself, leaving no doubt.

There is also an added value that no other brand has achieved, in that the company provides information on sports nutrition and supplementation thus maximising the possible results while using the supplements. 

When taking part in a discipline as tough as the Triathlon, I need a variety of sports supplements in order to perform at my best day after day, training session after training session.

Since I started using Powergym’s sports supplementation programme, the assimilation of the training load and recovery are much faster and more effective.

Recoplus is definitely my favourite in terms of energetic and muscular recovery, which I take stratight after hard training sessions. It is a great source of carbohydrates, protein, important amino acids such as leucin and very powerful anti-oxidants. If the training session has been really intense or tiring, Glutapower Plus before bed ensures a complete recovery.

Other important sports sumplements are Vitapower as a guaranteed source of necessary vitamins and minerals and Isopower, also essential during training and competition, especially because it really hydrates and protects from muscle cramps.

A while before heavy training sessions or competitions, a combination of Energyplus and Powerbomb improves energy deposits, endurance and concentration to help me face my challenges.




Triathlete, trains at the C.A.R. in Sant Cugat – Barcelona

Medalist European Championships in relay, duathlon and triathlon 2010-2013

3rd in Ibero-American Campionship, Elite Triathlon

5th  in world Junior Championship, Triathlon Cross.

First Spanish athlete to participate in the Youth Olympic Games 2010.


I train hard and with very ambitiously on a daily basis, two or three hours in the morning and another two or three in the afternoon. In order to have more energy for training and competition, good recovery and continued improvement, as well as keeping healthy at the same time, it is important to eat well, but supplements also become necessary. This is why I believe in Powergym, supplier for the C.A.R. Their supplements are really effective, they do not contain any doping substances and are used by countless well-known professionals.

The basic supplements I would recommend for triathletes and which I also use are:

Thermocarnitin XL: Before training, it gives me energy and improves the use of fats during exercise.

Isopower: Essential for effective rehydration and in order to avoid muscle cramps.

Recoplus: Recovery product “par excellence” if you want to recover correctly and improve.

For hard training sessions, the use of Energyplus, 45 minutes before leaving, enables you to improve your performance. It is like having a complete breakfast, but with a faster digestion and a better absorption.

During competition you should try Powerbomb with Energyplus, Isopower and Isopower Gel, a powerful combination.




Sprinter, jumper and current world record holder in 60 metre sprint (8”42), and ex-record holder in Spain in 100 metres and 4x100 metres , and an impressive track record, especially when we reveal Loles’ age – 56.













She has been the best Spanish athlete in the Veteran category for RFEA in 2007 and 2012, European Veteran champion on five occasions and veteran world vicechampion on four occasions.

Loles still trains daily, at a high level, proving that you can still be fast despite the passage of time. “I do series, weights, multi-jumps, etc, and all the specific work for sprints, which implies a high level of physical and structural wear which obliges me to take good care of myself”

To achieve her aim, this biologist and nutritionist assures that it is essential to follow a healthy balanced sports nutrition programme if you want to improve performance: “This is an aspect I pay a lot of attention to in everyday life, as good nutrition does not make champions, but a bad diet, or bad sports nutrition can ruin an athlete’s career. 

Her diet is very varied, with low intake of saturated fats and carbohydrates, and plenty of protein. “The main fat in my diet is olive oil and that which I get from blue fish and dried fruits. I have a handful a day. I take soya milk and dairy products daily, always skimmed, as at my age, calcium intake is essential.

Not all nutrients can be obtained from food, she has severe wear, but at the same time her calory intake must be quite restricted with the aim of maintaining a good weight. “I need to supplement my diet with certain ergogenics and for this reason, I use sports supplements such as Vitapower, Glutapower plus and Isopower. I use the sports supplement Vitapower daily to guarantee vitamin and mineral intake, Glutapower plus to recover from efforts and minimise muscle damage, as well as reinforcing my immune system and finally, Isopower to hydrate appropriately when it is very hot and the loss of liquids is heightened by sweating. 






Holder of the record of the “Quebrantahuesos”, last year he did the Route of Santiago, from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela in 24 hours and 54 minutes.



Within a year, you can set yourself three or four objectives, but no more than that, because your body suffers physical and mental wear and tear, during the preparation for each challenge. Training is essential but it is also necessary to help the body to adapt and recover in order to improve and continue to advance towards your goals. For this reason, I consider that nutrition and supplementation are of extreme importance. For cycling I recommend a balanced diet that is rich in carbohydrates and without forgetting water and electrolytes, hydration is a major factor which reduces the performance of most people. I use Isopower, I take a sachet a day during the week prior to a race,  where the training isn’t intense. For any amateur,  a good programme of supplements is fundamental, I would like to recommend the following guidelines.

-Vitapower: vitamins and minerals which reduce fatigue.

-Energyplus, Absolutely essential, taken 45 minutes before training and competition. This is our fuel!  

-Isopower: Especially as an effective way of rehydrating, designed for professionals but which any amateur can use, it helps to prevent cramping.

-Recoplus: Another essential product, always after training. It is the most powerful and complete recovery agent, allowing you to feel strong and ready to train hard the following day.

For those of you who compete, use Energy Daily Pack, a super effective combination to improve energy, concentration and endurance, with Powerbomb, Energyplus and Isopower. This invisible training, which is nutrition and supplementation, is just as important as the training we do on the bicycle. 





World Vice-champion of Moto 3 in 2013






His technical and physical training are very important, as well as sports supplementation.  “My training sessions to stay at the top are hard and intense. The bike is very demanding at a physical level and you need to be well prepared to give your all”. “Choosing a supplementation brand which was serious, good quality and effective, was paramount to me, to give me peace of mind, and for this reason I chose Powergym.  As a matter of fact, I train at the C.A.R. in Sant Cugat and I see many other sportsmen who also use Powergym supplements”.

Alex has his favourites, such as Isopower during training and Recoplus afterwards, which he feels “Are essential as they provide nutrients  which I need while I am training and especially as they help me to recover quicker and to reach my next training session on full form”. He also takes Hydroxycrom, “As my diet is quite strict, to keep my weight down, this can give me anxiety, I use this supplement to calm this anxiety and feel fuller. When I need a boost of energy and concentration, I use Powerbomb

“Supplementation in my sport is similar to other endurance sports and the two supplements which are basic for everyone are Isopower and Powerbomb” the 2013 world vice-champ in Moto 3, assures us. 





Xavi Porras, alongside his guide Enric Martin, is a world Champion in athletics and a Paralympic medallist, Spanish Champion in 100 metres in 2014, and Bronze Medal in World Championship of Lyon 2013.  He also holds the Gold Medal in the World Championship in Assen 2006, and the Paralympic Medal for the Beijing games of 2008.














“Sports supplementation is essential for any sports and, when you compete at a high level, as my guide and I do, all the more so. You are looking at getting the best performance out of training to optimise results in compettion.

When choosing a brand of sports supplements, there are always the same questions: Is the company serious and reliable? Will their products be top qualiy and effective? Well, all these concerns are completely laid to rest if you rely on Powergym. Powergym offers natural supplements which are healthy and do not give positive results in doping tests, and they are effective and top quality”.

From the Powergym’s wide catalogue of sports supplements, we use a supplementation programme which we consider to be basic, and which can give maximum performance:

IsoWhey 100, “is an excellent protein shake which is necessary if you have heavy muscle wear. It helps us to recover muscle and to improve”.

IsoPower, “Totally essential for hydration during physical exercise and to avoid cramping, aside from the fact that it has a lovely flavour”.

Recoplus “This is truly an effective recovery agent to take after training sessions and competitions. A few hours after and the next day you have a feeling of muscle and energy recovery which is powerful”.

VitaComplex C+E, “is a good anti-oxidant cmplex for any sportsman, for recovery and to strengthen your immune system”.

Finally, “we fill up our fuel tanks without gastro-intestinal complaints using Energy Plus, fantastic to provide extra energy before a competition or heavy training”.




8 times Madrid Mountain Bike Champion

Member of the Junior Spanish Mountain Bike Team 
















At only 23 years old, he has a long and brilliant track record. He began to compete when he was twelve and only three years later he was already competeing in the National Championships

He has been Champion of Madrid eight times consecutively and is part of the Spanish Junior team to compete in the World Mountain Bike Championship. Aside from cycling, he also does running events and has had several victories in general events.

Pablo’s favourite supplement is RecoPlus: “When you try it, you realise how important post exercise recovery is; whether we are speaking of a hard training session or a competition”, assures the cyclist from Madrid. Pablo Bravo begins the day with a Vitapower, as well as fruit juice, and toast with olive oil and salt on it. After work, at two, he always goes to train, so “40 minutes earlier I take EnergyPlus, followed by a Powerbomb, to be active and ready to go”.

To avoid dehydration, he always prepares two flasks, one with water and the other with Isopower. “In the 30 minutes after training I drink a Recoplus shake”.

Finally, in high quality phases and for important competitions he takes Definition, in order to achieve definition and brutal refining, only during the pre season and on intense days in the gym, to recover “ I use Whey50 shakes, chocolate flavour, which is fabulous”.





Lluís Capdevila i Auguets is a physical coach specialising in motor sports for the C.A.R. in Sant Cugat. He has worked with sportsmen such as Nani Roma, Marc Coma, Maverick Viñales, the Hymalaya specialist Edurne Pasaban, and the sincronised swimming team. He is technical advisor to the Generalitat of Catalunya in matters of sport and adventure sport and a teacher at the University of Vic on the subject of sports nutrition.








His objective with the athletes he works with is “to prevent injuries, improve endurance and physical power adapted to each discipline, so that preparation is as complete as possible”.

Because these are top-flight sportsmen, the work with them is “very high quality, they often have very tight schedules and so traning has to be very hard”.

In order to maintain the work level at a peak, “it is necessary to provide a very special intake of nutrients, there is no point in programming hard training sessions, if we will not be able to carry them out. For this reason I try to take care of every tinest detail, and here is where Powergym sports supplementation comes in”.

In order to develop training plans and to make them effective, it is necessary “To eat correctly to maintain a good physical level during training sessions, and it is for this reason that we must have good supplementation products like the ones offered by Powergym”.

Energyplus: Must be taken 45 minutes before training and competitions. This sports supplement gives my sportsmen enough energy to take their training sessions to the highest level.

Isopower: Is a rehydrating drink which I know will allow them to recover the electrolytes lost during training, but will also help to prevent cramping.

Recoplus: Is an essential sports supplement, they always take it after training. It is the most powerful and complete recovery agent on the market, the next day you feel strong enough to train hard again.

PowerBomb: For days when you are low on energy, I recommend PowerBomb, a vial gives energy for four hours, so you can give your best

Vitadiet: Oxidation stress during training and competition is very high, so it is necessary to add extra vitamins and minerals to reduce fatigue and improve recovery.