Over the years we have developed increasingly healthy habits, or at least, you would think so from the number of gyms, swimming pools and even filled inscription quotas at popular sporting events, and how we are more and more preoccupied with improving our diets and attaining a correct sports nutrition. 15 years ago, it was rare to see people training on the streets of our towns or being interested in their sports nutrition while now the reverse is unusual.

Then, sports nutrition and taking sports supplements was a form of secret, well-guarded by, bodybuilders, elite athletes, and by some people that were ahead of their day. Today, things have changed and we all know that a correct sports nutrition not only is not damaging to our health, but the contrary, it is a tool that is virtually indispensible to improving performance, a good recovery after training and, in short, better care for our bodies when taking part in sports. Improving their sports nutrition is indispensible for any self-respecting athlete.

Many people still think that sports supplements which are used in sports nutrition are chemical compounds created in more-or-less clandestine laboratories with surprising and even dangerous properties, while the reality is that sports supplements produced by serious, reliable brands are, in the great majority, made from natural substances and vegetable extracts which help with; early recovery, recharging the bodies energy stores, avoiding injuries and compensating for what the daily diet may not always include. They are not synthetic compounds of secret formulas, but combinations of nutrients extracted from natural sources so that taking them is simpler and more effective. If you know a little about sports nutrition and have used some sports supplement or other, you know well that they are beneficial, and if you haven’t… Why are you waiting? Improving your sports nutrition; Not only is it a question of improving your life expectancy, but giving you more expectation to your life and both purposes are served if you let yourself be served by an adequate sports nutrition.

The fact is that sports, even though they are beneficial for your health, involve a stress on your body which inevitably leads to conditioning and wear. After exercise, whether light or intense, your hormonal and vitamin levels  drop, the metabolic processes for obtaining the energy that you need provoke a considerable augmentation in free radicals, your joints suffer high loads which leads to premature wear, your energy reserves also plummet and you immune system becomes more vulnerable. All the effects can be, and should be counteracted with a specific and efficient sports nutrition which, for example, aids your recovery.

To such a point that 99% of professional or semi-professional athletes take great care of their nutrition, taking sufficient sport supplements for their sports’ needs and their own personal characteristics, helped in the majority by nutrition schedules that have been created by professional dieticians and nutritionists. In these web pages you will find some of these top class athletes and institutions relaying their experiences in the field of sports nutrition, such athletes as the footballer Carles Puyol, the rider/driver Nani Roma, track and field athletes Antonio Reina and Jesus España and the Sant Cugat High Performance Centre (C.A.R.) among others.

Therefore, sports nutrition is a complement that should not be ignored if you have the healthy exercising habit, but beware!!!  On the black market there is trafficking in prohibited, dangerous substances, such as anabolic and other agents, which really are dangerous to your health and which have nothing to do with sports supplements nor with correct sports nutrition. Don’t trust these “miracle“ products which give spectacular results, sports supplements that aren’t correctly or completely labelled in English and without the corresponding health registrations. The solution is to let companies that are serious and respected advise you and provide you with your sports supplements and nutritional needs. Companies like Powergym, with more than 25 years of experience on the Spanish market, which guarantee that none of their products contain dangerous or prohibited substances, which produce their sports supplements only after exhaustive studies and that ensure their efficacy and quality and which scrupulously adhere to current legislation and maximum standards of quality, for their primary materials and their finished products.

So, you’ve arrived at this point and are convinced that efficient sports nutrition is healthy, necessary and has nothing to do with doping or dangerous for your body, we now invite you to look over our web page. In it, you will find a vast amount of information about the enthralling world of sports nutrition and especially that of Powergym sports supplements, which we have divided into 4 great lines for your convenience; sports supplements for improved performance, sports supplements for optimising recovery, fat burning sports supplements and sports supplements for improving your health and quality of life. If you want advice, take a look at, or download directly if you prefer, the Practical Guide to supplementation and sports nutrition which you will find on the home page. In it, you will find clear and simple information on sports nutrition in general and on Powergym supplements in particular.

So welcome, the exciting world of sports nutrition and to our web page in which we will try to give you clear information about our sports supplements and how to use them, www.powergym.com Thank you and… ENJOY IT!!!!