POWERGYM's Scientific-Technical Department  was created with the aim of testing and researching effective ergogenic sports supplements. One of its missions is to find new sports supplements to improve your nutrition and which meet today's needs by validating and basing new sports supplements on scientific evidence.

The mission of the SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT is to help POWERGYM provide scientific and credible information for educational purposes to our customers so that you can achieve maximum results with sports supplements, thus knowing the "how", "when" and "how much" of each sports supplement to improve your nutrition.

In order to achieve this goal, we have doctors specializing in Sports Medicine, nutrition and ergogenic sports supplements, all of whom have a great deal of experience in both the medical and scientific research fields.

It is important to point out that the doctors and specialists in sports nutrition of this technical scientific department collaborate selflessly with the common objective of improving nutrition, sports supplements and the health of the athlete.

Dr. Jose Manuel Perez Orquin Powergym


CEO and Medical Director of POWERGYM.

Qualified doctor with more than 30 years of experience. Dr Perez is a specialist in clinical nutrition, dietetics and dermo-aesthetics.

His work as a doctor combines with his work as a consultant in various pharmaceutical laboratories leading R&D projects mainly focused on the field of nutrition and specialized food. He is also in charge of the design of nutrition programmes for elite sportsmen with whom POWERGYM collaborates on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Pérez Orquín is a regular lecturer in different forums of the sector and his informative articles are regularly published in different specialized media.


Product and Customer Service Manager at POWERGYM.

Degree in Biology specializing in Applied Nutrition and Diet Therapy. She has more than 15 years of experience working with the pharmaceutical industry in different R&D projects mainly in the development of new products and formulations.

Vanesa has extensive training and knowledge of the regulatory and administrative environment of the sector, which allows a broad perspective of all the needs for the development of new products.

Furthermore, her knowledge and experience make her the ideal person to interact with the client regarding all queries which may arise about our products.

Vanesa Emiliano I+D Powergym
Javier Peris Desarrollo de producto Powergym


Head of Quality and Product at POWERGYM.

Pharmacist specializing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the food industry.

Javier has more than 14 years of experience in R&D and quality departments of different pharmaceutical laboratories.

Together with our medical team, he is responsible for the development and formulation of new products.

His passion for running Trail and sport in general, put him always at the forefront of the needs and trends of athletes of any level. Interaction between the product development team and the final consumer is essential for POWERGYM to launch the new products which are most suited to the needs of athletes.

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