1. CREDIT CARD (direct bank gateway):

This form of payment does not increase shipping costs (as long as they exceed € 40 in the order). It is the fastest way to make the payment, as it is immediate.


  • For added security, the pages where you will enter your credit card details are pages that come directly from the bank.
  • These bank information gateways are completely secure.
  • In this way, on our website you will not have to enter any credit card information (only your name and address for shipping).


We adapt to new era, including a new form of payment. BIZUM is fast and safe is to use the payment method, with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose Bizum. Click on the option to pay with Bizum.
  2. Enter your data. Enter your phone number and Bizum password.
  3. Validate the purchase. Enter the code indicated by your bank.

What is the Bizum key?

The Bizum password is a code with which you can buy in all the shops that have the Bizum button as an accepted means of payment. It works like a card PIN. What does this mean? It is a unique key for all purchases, consisting of 4 digits, which only you will know and that you can modify whenever you want.

How do I get it?

Enter your bank's App in the Bizum section. Click on the button. There you will find yours, or you will have the possibility to create it. If you prefer to do it through us, you just have to click on the button "Get my password" and select your bank.

If you want to know if your bank has this option, take a look at the banks that already offer the option to pay with Bizum in online stores 4   See Entities that offer Bizum codes to buy online.

3. STRIPE: Pay easily with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay:

Stripe is the easiest way to accept payments with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay, enabling frictionless credit card payments and eliminating the need to manually enter card and shipping details.

Stripe has many advantages. But the most attractive is undoubtedly the one-page payment. That is to say that the user is not redirected to finish the purchase but can finish in the same place where they are. This speeds up the process and even more so if you want to buy several things before leaving the shop.

At PowerGym we adapt to the present day and we know that most of our users make their purchases through their mobile devices, so from now on our customers can authorise payments with the Touch ID function, simply by selecting this payment method.


This form of payment also does not increase the postage (provided that they exceed € 40 in the order). We have three banks to make bank transfers: BANKIA, CAIXABANK and SABADELL. The account numbers to make the entry of your order appear at the end of the purchase. This form of payment is usually slower than payment by card or cash on delivery, since transfers can take between 24-48 hours to reach our accounts.


This form of payment entails an increase of € 5 in postage, whatever the amount of the order. Only accepted against refunds in the Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

Once the package with the products has been sent, you will automatically receive an email with the shipping information (transport company, number of packages, shipping number ...) for your information.

To be considered in relation to our web rates and discounts:

  • PRICES: All prices on our website include Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • NON-ACCUMULABLE DISCOUNTS: Users may benefit from non-cumulative discounts on their orders. To do this they will have to write the code in the corresponding box before finalizing their purchase.
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